How to Format Your Book in BookBildr

Are you in the process of creating a custom children’s book with BookBildr? While the editor tool is intuitive and easy to use, here’s a detailed description of how to format your book. Just in case!

The Toolbar

BookBildr toolbar

BookBildr Editor has a toolbar that gives you access to editing, previewing and ordering features. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Grid Lines – click on this button to show grid and borderlines on a page to help you position elements and text. Remember to always disable the grid lines before you order your book to avoid any printing or PDF errors!
  • Layers – this feature lets you move the elements to the background/foreground. Select an element on the page, click on the Layers button, and select where you want to move the element. Then click somewhere on the page for the changes to take effects.
  • Undo and Redo – these are the standard features that either undo or repeat your last action.
  • Delete – this button lets you delete elements from the page. Select an element you want to remove and click on the Delete button.
  • Book Spine – this button opens a new window where you can customize the spine of your book with author name and book title. This feature works for most book formats provided the book has enough pages and the spine is thick enough.
  • Preview – lets you preview your book.
BookBildr preview
  • Save – saves your book design. Remember to save often because we don’t have an autosave feature yet!
  • Order – takes you to the checkout where you can order your book.

When you add a text box to your page, the toolbar is expanded with text editing tools. You can align your text, select a font you like best, adjust the font size (you can also do that by selecting a text box and pulling it by a corner), select text and background colour, and use bold or Italics.

BookBildr text toolbar

Add and Delete Pages

The BookBildr Editor lets you easily add and delete pages.

To add a page, click on the plus sign to the right of your page in the editor. The new page will appear in the sidebar. Select it to start adding content to it.

To delete a page, select it from the sidebar and click on the trash can button under the page in the editor. Please note that currently you can’t change the order of the pages, so plan your book carefully.

Upload Your Own Pictures

BookBildr lets you upload your own images to your book project. To do that, click on the Upload icon in the left-hand sidebar and browse to the image you want to upload. Currently, you can only upload pictures smaller than 1MB in size, so please make sure you resize your image before you upload.

BookBildr upload

Once uploaded, you can resize, rotate and use the image just like you would use any of our ready-made illustrations.

BookBildr uploaded

As you can see, there’s not much to it so you can start making your children’s picture book today. Remember, it’s free to use the tool – you only pay if you order. Have fun!

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