How to Get Started with BookBildr

Hello and welcome to the BookBildr Blog! In this post, I’m going to help you get started using BookBildr. You’re just a few clicks away from creating your own picture book – isn’t that exciting?

Choose the size and shape for your book

To start designing your own book with BookBildr, log in to your account and head over to the Design page. There, select the size and shape you like best. Portrait and landscape books come with either a soft or a hardcover, and square books are hardcover only.

Bookbildr design page

When you’ve chosen the book format, click on the Design Your Book Now button.

Use the BookBildr editor

The BookBildr Editor will open in a new tab and you’ll see a blank page. This will be the front cover of your book (the last page will be the back cover).


Click on the icons in the left-hand sidebar to change the background colour, add illustrations, shapes, frames, and text to the page, or upload your own image.

To change page background colour, click on the Background icon and click on the background colour you want to use. Once the background colour is changed, the sidebar will automatically collapse.

select background

When you click on Illustrations, the sidebar will expand and offer you a choice of categories. Scroll down to find and category you need and click on it to expand it.

Scroll down to find the illustration you want to add to the page and click on it. The picture will appear on the page and the sidebar will collapse automatically.

find illustration

Click on the image to position it where you want it to be and drag the corners with your mouse to resize it.

select illustration

Use the Grid Lines button in the editor toolbar to help you position the image. Keep everything inside the red frame to avoid things getting cut off during printing.

Once you’ve positioned the picture, click on the Grid Lines button again to switch off the lines.

To add text to your page, click on the Text icon in the left-hand sidebar, then go to the toolbar to select the font you like. When that’s done, double-click inside the Tap and Type box and enter your text.

select font

BookBildr’s text editing tool works like the typewriters in the old days. This means that you’ll need to hit the Enter key on your keyboard every time you want to start a new line.

To resize the text, either select a font size from the toolbar or select the text box and drag it by a corner, just like you would resize an illustration.

Save your work often

Now, this is really important. Currently, BookBildr doesn’t save your work automatically, so please hit the Save button in the toolbar often. When you save your book project for the first time, you’ll see a Credits page added to the right-hand preview bar. Don’t worry where that page is while you’re working on your work in progress – it will always be the page before last in your finished project.


Now you know quite a bit about using the BookBildr Editor, so why not head to the website and give it a go? I’ll cover more features in my next post. Stay tuned!

print your book with bookbildr

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